Prasanna LAB
Finding Cure for Heart Diseases

Prasanna Krishnamurthy

Prasanna Krishnamurthy, DVM, MVSc, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine and Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Prasanna earned his BVSc (DVM) degree with honors from Bangalore Veterinary College and completed his Masters and PhD in Veterinary Pathology from Indian Veterinary Research Institute (India's premier institute for Veterinary Research). He completed his postdoctoral training at Northwestern University (in Dr. Raj Kishore's laboratory) and East Tennessee State University. Before joining UAB, he held faculty appointments at the Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute, Northwestern University School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois and Houston Methodist Research Institute, Texas.

As a member of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, he directs a research program focusing on understanding mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and developing novel therapeutic strategies to promote cardiac regeneration and repair. Dr. Krishnamurthy’s laboratory is supported through funds from National Institutes of Health (NIH-R01) and American Heart Association (GIA and Postdoctoral fellowships). Prasanna's current interests include innovation of novel therapeutic strategies to repair cardiovascular damage through research, propel research through collaborations, bringing additional research funding and spending quality time with family and friends.

Professional Society Memberships
American Heart Association (AHA)
European Society of Cardiology
International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research
Inflammation Research Association
American Stroke Association
Society for Immunology and Immunopathology (SIIP)
Society of Toxicology (STOX), India
Biophysical society of India (BSI), India
Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists (IAVP)