Prasanna LAB
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to P.K
Elected, Fellow of the American Heart Association.
Grant-in-Aid award, American Heart Association.
Winner, American Heart Association's "Outstanding Early Career Investigator Award".
Scientist Development Grant award, American Heart Association.
Dr.C.M.Singh Gold Medal for Best Research Publication Award of Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology.
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, American Heart Association.
Dr.Ramraksha Kiran Shukla award for the best M.V.Sc. research work in Veterinary Pathology, India.
Senior Research Fellowship from Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India.
Junior Research Fellowship from Indian Council of Agricultural Research,India.
University of Agricultural Sciences Merit Scholarship, Bangalore, India.

to Prasanna LAB
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (to D.J.), American Heart Association.
HMRI President’s Award for Transformational Excellence-Peer Reviewed Publication
Best Poster Award (First Prize to D.J): George and Angelina Kostas Research Center for Cardiovascular Nanomedicine Inaugural International Meeting, HMRI, Oct 2014, Houston, Texas.
Best Poster Award (to D.J): Finalist, GCC Cluster for Regenerative Medicine Symposium, Rice University, Oct 2014, Houston, USA.
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (to A.T.R), American Heart Association.
New Investigator Travel Award (to P.J), AHA-BCVS symposium, 2015, New Orleans, USA.