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Finding Cure for Heart Diseases

Postdotoral Positions available

About the position
Full-time Postdoctoral research positions funded by NIH, AHA grants and start-up are available in Dr. Krishnamurthy’s laboratory within the Department of Biomedical Engineering, a joint department in the School of Medicine and School of Engineering at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA. Broad research areas of emphasis in the laboratory include studying molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases under pathophysiological stress; stem cell biology and regenerative medicine; and use of bioengineering tools to enhance wound repair. Our laboratory uses molecular biology and modern classical research tools along with relevant pharmacological and surgical models of heart disease. The successful candidate will employ in vitro and in vivo model systems to address scientific questions/challenges in cardiovascular medicine.

The essentials
The candidate must have a PhD or MD/PhD degrees, should be independent, self-motivated and must have the ability to work as a team. For a successful training, it will be essential for the candidate to participate in development, planning and execution of research projects, troubleshoot and customize experimental tools, analyze and interpret data, review and understand relevant scientific literature related to cardiovascular diseases, prepare reports and publish manuscripts, present results at national meetings and conferences and apply for fellowships and grants. Prior experience with both tissue culture and animal models, immunohistochemistry and cell-based assays is required. Strong molecular biology knowledge and applications is a must.

what you have to do
Interested candidates should submit a CV or resume, a statement of research interests, accomplishments and career goals, and a list of three references to Successful applicants will receive competitive pay and benefits commensurate with the applicant’s level of experience. UAB provides a dynamic, collaborative, and integrative research and training environment with state-of-the-art facilities. The vibrant multidisciplinary approach provides excellent opportunities for career growth and development.

Graduate Student rotations available

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