Prasanna LAB
Finding Cure for Heart Diseases

Our team
Meet the Prasanna Lab team members. We welcome the opportunities to discover new therapeutic strategies through collaborations.

Current Members

Dr. Darukeshwara Joladarashi
Postdoctoral Fellow

John C Henderson
Graduate Student

Dr. Prem Kumar
Postdoctoral Fellow

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Past Trainees

Dr. Sahana Suresh Babu
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Frank S Li
Undergrad, Summer Volunteer from Univ of Texas, Austin

Dr. Rajarajan A Thandavarayan
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Arvind Annamalai
Undergrad, Summer Volunteer from Univ of Delaware

Dr. Prince Jeyabal
Research Associate

Ms. Shashirekha K
Research Assistant

Dr. Saminathan Muthusamy
Researcher V